CoBDO® and the Charities  Commission

The Council of British Druid Orders® (CoBDO), would  like to make the following statement, in the wake of recent news that the Druid  Network has gained charitable status.

CoBDO recently investigated the parameters  surrounding registration with the Charities Commission for itself.

CoBDO  subsequently withdrew its own application  for charitable status, on learning that the only "recognition" of religious  practices offered by the Charities Commission, consisted of tax free advantage  on income of above £5.000.

CoBDO does not have an income itself, and has  little sympathy with the practice of charging money for druidry. We are a  spiritual organization, not a commercial one, and will continue to seek  religious recognition for druidry through public events and  ceremonies.

Rollo Maughfling

Stonehenge Officer (CoBDO®)

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